Saint-tropez Jewels and its Natural Stones

Descriptive of the virtues of each stone we propose:

  • AMETHYSTE PURE: Amethyst is a very soothing, purifying and protective stone. Very suitable for meditation, purification of environments or minerals.
  • AGATE: Agate is a stone of anchor and luck. The properties of agate are to bring emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages inside the body and stabilizing the energy of the physical body. The agate stabilizes the aura.
  • QUARTZ: Quartz brings vitality and comfort. It unlocks and channels energies, and eliminates negativity. It is the symbol of purity, and especially of spiritual purity
  • ONYX: Rooting stone to the ground, it helps to treat the dysfunctions of the root chakra. It anchors fickle people in a more stable lifestyle and helps with self-control.
  • TIGRE OEIL: Protective stone. It takes the negative energy away from the wearer. This stone protects against all evil claims, from black magic or even spells.
  • LAZULI LAPIS: Balance, appeasement, regulation and repair stone. In the Middle Ages, stone was known for its rejuvenating action on the body. It was said to keep members healthy.
  • JASPE: This stone has a strong vitalizing and detoxifying effect as it brings the power of the green ray directly into the bloodstream and excretory organs.
  • LAVE PIERRE: stimulating stone. Its powerful energies vibrate with our Chakras and our clean energies
  • FLUORITE: It brings many benefits for veins, spleen and teeth. Fluorite is also effective in helping with detoxification, bad cholesterol, blood pressure and discomfort. It helps to strengthen immunity and treat colds, flu